Lidar DTM Processing

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technology used to measure light pulses to find the elevation of varying points on the earth's surface. Using highly innovative equipment, laser pulses are emitted from an aircraft. Calculations are made by measuring the time delay from the return signal to portray the shape of the target area's ground features.

LiDAR point collection is similar to acquiring aerial photography and airborne global positioning systems (GPS). LiDAR systems are mounted inside the aircraft, and the system is guided by a pilot and a camera technician while flying the specified area. Ground survey crews collect ground points which are used to enhance the interpretation and accuracy of the LiDAR data.

United Geo Technologies (UGT) utilizes experienced and professional LiDAR aerial acquisition firms to capture the LiDAR data. Located throughout the United States, these firms provide intimate knowledge of the terrain and local laws required to ensure an accurate end product. UGT has performed editing of LiDAR data on multiple occasions utilizing terrain editing tools of softcopy photogrammetric systems.

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