Company Overview and Mission

Company Overview

United Geo Technologies LLC' (UGT) solid foundation lies in more than a century of combined experience in providing superior photogrammetric services. UGT's photogrammetric, digital orthoimagery, lidar processing and parcel mapping products are embraced by the private and public sector as an integral part of a geographic information systems (GIS). UGT's mission is to provide land information for the benefit of the public and private economy by providing state-of-the-art geospatial mapping, database products and services.

United Geo Technologies, LLC, is a economically disadvantaged, small, woman-owned organization (EDSWOB). UGT is also a member-owned organization. UGT acquired the history of a company that has been providing superior Geographic Information Services and Aerial Mapping for more than a half century , and has the same associates, the same history, and the same high quality imagery and mapping products produced to client specifications.

UGT’s personnel include Certified Photogrammetrist who oversee the management and production responsibilities at our San Antonio, Texas facility. UGT's production process follows an entirely digital project workflow, beginning with processing of airborne global positioning systems (GPS) data, scanning of aerial negatives (using an in-house scanner), and fully digital analytical aerotriangulation. UGT performs feature extraction, digital terrain model (DTM) generation and enhancement, contouring, topographic and planimetric mapping as well as quality control in an image-based, three-dimensional softcopy environment.

UGT has extensive experience in provding parcel mapping solutions. UGT's history is further punctuated by significant mapping and GIS accomplishments through the application of rapidly evolving technology. UGT (as United Aerial Mapping) developed one of the first comprehensive parcel-based GIS' for Houston Metro in 1979. Today's digital parcel mapping includes both coordinate geometry (COGO) as well as heads-up digitizing. We take pride in delivering quality digital products that are structured to meet our client's requirements.

The key strengths of United Geo Technologies, LLC include:


This small woman-owned business teams with several engineers, surveyors, fellow mapping companies and other companies to aid the larger firm in meeting their SBE/WBE requirements.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

UGT is in a unique position in our industry, with the long-term vision and resources to ensure that we will make the investments necessary for state-of-the-art equipment. Our inventory of equipment includes Leica scanners, digital photogrammetric workstations, and the most up-to-date, current software available. UGT maintains these resources in-house, where we have direct control over their use and upkeep.

Experience with Cutting-Edge Techniques

The implementation of new techniques is occurring at a rapid pace within the photogrammetric industry. UGT's staff of well-educated, experienced mapping science professionals continuously trains to bring our clients the latest proven technologies the industry has to offer. UGT offers you extensive experience with cutting-edge techniques such as airborne GPS control, and airborne LiDAR. We have extensive experience with airborne GPS control. We also have extensive experience in the use of LiDAR technology for citywide mapping and orthoimagery projects, including producing DSM and bare earth from client furnished LiDAR data.

A Proven Organization with Experience on Large Projects

UGT has a legacy of large municipal experience. Since our inception, we have completed thousands of large mapping and orthophoto projects for both government and commercial clients. Our team understands public agencies, their expectations, and how they do business.

Previous Experience

UGT strongly believes in the value of previous experience when performing projects with municipal agencies. We have successfully completed multiple projects for multiple agencies throughout the United States. We are experienced working in urban, rural, mountain, and watershed environments, as well as swamps and coastal environments of the United States. Clearly, we understand the challenges involved.

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

UGT has completed land base and GIS products with end-user requirements for ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, Oracle links, ArcPro. UGT's personnel include experienced ESRI technicians proficient in the development of custom GIS software for end users.

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